About Sherry

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Her Story

Two comments Sherry Reese hears most often about her work are “I LOVE the way you use color!” and “I love how your art is so vibrant!” As Sherry would say, “Painting is my passion! I put a lot of thought into the ideas for my work, concentrating on color, shape, line, movement and texture. After many years of painting in a realistic style, abstract painting provides me with the chance to be spontaneous and to move in new directions! I want to dazzle my viewers and give them art to excite their mind!” Sherry’s energy and enthusiasm come across in her creations with an expressive style.

Sherry holds a degree from Auburn University in Art Education/Minor in Art History with additional art studies. She has spent most of her adult life empowering others (as well as herself!) in the field of creative arts. After spending part of the 1970’s and 80’s teaching art in middle and high school, she took courses in professional photography and opened her own business. Sherry eventually married a photographer, joined their family business, and then retired to raise a family. She still did a lot of drawing and painting in her spare time, receiving commissions from friends and family. In 1992, Sherry helped develop an art program for the elementary school level called Amazing Artist. She used this program very successfully for 23 years as well as giving private art lessons and workshops for all ages until retiring in 2015.

Sherry Reese now spends her days as a painter using acrylics and mixed media. Over the years, she has studied painting with Jim Collier, Jan Sitts, Troy Muller, Matt Jones, David Kessler and Robert Burridge.